Mahatma Gandhi Information

Life of Mahatma Gandhi is the history of Indian Independence; it is an inseparable journey; one is incomplete without the other. His life and its multitudinous facets have inspired and still continues to inspire many people and guide them in their daily struggles for survival; his autobiography “The Story of My Experiments with Truth" is a candid narration of what has moulded him into what he is and how the search for truth has been the lighthouse in all his endeavours. It is also first person information on Mahatma Gandhi and provides insight into the various aspects of his life, from early childhood to 1920 which is the beginning period of his involvement in the Indian freedom struggle. The saga of his life after this period is the history of Indian independence movement.

The search for information on Mahatma Gandhi can be as exhausting as counting the waves of the sea. It is countless and never ends; the infinite number of publications and other records opens up a storehouse of facts and anecdotes from the life of the Father of the Nation. Libraries have exclusive sections for books on Mahatma Gandhi. However, his life story cannot be and is not limited to a particular category of publications; and the topics of discussion also can be as varied as the number of authors who write on Mahatma Gandhi. The medium of information is a conglomerate of traditional as well as modern resources; print, audio-visual, and virtual databases offer all the possible and available important and interesting information on Mahatma Gandhi.

Those who would like to conduct an in-depth study on Gandhian Thoughts and Philosophy, the best starting point would probably be the Gandhi quotes; they clearly reflect the views and vision of Mahatma Gandhi, and are the stepping stones to the vast arena of Gandhian Principles on a wide range of topics. His letters and speeches are another precious source of information; books and articles that Mahatma Gandhi has written also provide valuable insight into his personal experiences and social and political movements of that period. Biographies published by national and international authors, anecdotes by his followers and acquaintances, news clippings, archived records, manuscripts, videos and audio tapes, films, etc. are all repositories of information on Mahatma Gandhi.

With the advent of Internet most of the print resources have been uploaded to the virtual databases; this not only makes the information easily accessible but also ensures that records are not lost by any accidents or careless handling and neglect.