Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi was not just a leader who led India in the struggle for independence. He became the Father of the Nation not just because it was his leadership that made the liberation of the country a reality. Rather, it was the innate honesty and simplicity and the value for principles that made Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi truly a Mahatma, a great soul beyond comparison. His thoughts were candid, his words were priestly, and his deeds were guileless. His passion for peace and single-minded will to free the motherland inspired the people to endure all the hardships they had to face on the journey to the dawn of a new nation. And, the country remembers the life of Mahatma Gandhi and honours the struggle of the leader not just by commemorating birth and death anniversaries; the country pays homage to the Father of the Nation by naming colleges, universities, hospitals, roads, bridges, parks, markets, and other institutes and public places after the great, noble soul called Mahatma Gandhi. There will not be any State in the country that does not have a Mahatma Gandhi Road, abbreviated to MG Road. One of the best known centres of higher education in India is the Mahatma Gandhi University, located in the southernmost State of Kerala.

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